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About Innovative Custom Coating Machines

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Innovative coating machine experience

Quality coating takes experience. Since the mid-1950s, Innovative Machine has been building precision coating lines. Magnetic tape coating is where we started and gained valuable experience. This allowed us to expand to other applications, such as printed circuits, display screens, filtration membranes, and battery electrodes.

We offer standard lines. However, most of our projects are custom and include the integration of other processes, such as lamination, slitting, embossing, calendering, inspection, or cutting and stacking. Our engineers will design a full manufacturing line for your unique process.


Coating heads we offer include die, reverse roll, knife, gravure for aqueous, solvent, or hot-melt applications. We are experienced in clean room and explosion-proof requirements.

Innovative coating machine designs

Our years of experience have yielded many proven designs for the web handling processes. From simple, single-spindle unwinds/rewinds to high-speed turret winders with flying splice. We know where tension zones should be incorporated and how to properly control them.


Drying processes include air flotation, counter flow air, UV cure, and IR. We have web path configurations for straight, arched, stacked, and serpentine.

Machine controls have advanced considerably, and our control engineers remain up to date on these advances. We are an Allen Bradley integrator. Intuitive and robust control systems are absolutely necessary for a reliable machine to make a quality product. Call us to discuss your application.

Coating Machine Flier

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information about coater machines
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