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About Innovative Custom Laminator Machine Lines

laminator machine line
Innovative laminating machines

The process of laminating multiple materials into one is a very common function of web converting. Innovative Machine designs and manufactures laminating lines for a variety of industries with functionality from the simple to complex.

Fuel cells, Li-ion batteries, display screens, automotive headliners, and multi-layer plastic assemblies are just a few of the applications we have been involved in over the years. Each application has unique operating parameters for a number of webs, width, speed, pressure, and heat.

Laminating machine options

We design the machine configuration with the operator in mind. Cantilever designs for wide web applications, thread assist, and cut and stack are a few of the options we offer to increase productivity and functionality. Our Allen Bradley control systems are user-friendly with powerful data-collection capability.

In addition to stand-alone lamination lines, we can retrofit existing production lines with a new lamination station. We work with you to design a configuration with both mechanically and automated controls that will integrate with your existing line.

Laminator Machine Flier

Laminator flier front.png
Laminator flier front.png
Industrial laminator information
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