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About Innovative Custom Slitter Machines

Innovative slitting machines

Most commercial products utilize a slitting operation somewhere during the production process. 

We have been providing slitter rewinding machines for many of these applications for decades. Our designs incorporate the latest in controls technology to provide the operators with intuitive and easy-to-use control system.

Our slit heads include a cartridge design option with tool-less change over. The heads are configured with sheer, razor, or crush applications.

Slitter options

One of our specialties is slitting for battery electrodes. This is a demanding application due to the nature of the product and the required cut quality. We have developed the proper knife sets and web transport controls to meet these demands.

Our slitters options include turret unwinds and rewinds, inspection cameras, and data collection.

Some examples of slitting applications are packaging film, paper products, adhesive tapes, battery electrodes, and PTFE products, just to name a few.

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Slitter Machine Flier

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Slitter flier front.png
About slitter machines
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