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About Innovative Custom Calender Machines

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Innovative calender machine performance

Calender machines are one of our specialties. These robust machines combine extremely high compression capability with precision. We are one of the leading machine manufacturers in the demanding high-energy/power battery industry for a reason: Our machines perform.

Our machines are also used for plastics processing, PTFE, filtration media, and paper processing. Typical calender machine functions are material compression and surface finish.

Pilot scale calender machine

We can design it and build it to your specifications.

Innovative calender machine options

Options we offer inclue uniformly heated rolls, non-contact thickness gauges, automatic gap control, automatic pressure adjustment, beta gauges, turret unwinds/rewinds with auto splice, pre-heat, and more.

We offer a standalone or can integrate with an existing production line. Sizes range from small tabletop to high-speed, full-automation production. Multi-roll configurations are also available. Experienced engineers can custom-design your machine.

Calender Machine Flier

Calender machine information
Calender flier back 2.png
Calender flier back 2.png
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