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About Innovative Machine Corporation

What we do

Since 1948, our company has been designing, and building custom web converting machinery for a variety of industries. Our experienced engineers provide converting solutions for paper, film, and foil. In our lab, we can define the proper machine processes you need or create samples of your new product ideas.

What sets us apart is our experience, flexibility, innovation, and personal service. This means you get a web converting machine with the state-of-the-art design and precision needed to reliably produce your product.

Our process

We take your ideas or specifications and suggest a solution. We work with you to refine the proposed machinery to your needs. Our experienced designers will pull designs from our deep inventory and assemble your machine in high-detail 3D. You are involved in the whole process through meetings (online and in-person) and frequent communication. All our machines are assembled and fully tested in our facility prior to shipment. At your facility, we coordinate with your staff for installation, machine power-up, and runoff.

Who we are

We are a multi-generational, family-owned company building machines since 1948. Our high employee retention provides for consistent and experienced service to our clients.

Experience & Flexibility
Innovation & Precision
Our facility

Our present production facility in Birmingham, Alabama, USA, was built in 1989. It is specifically designed for machine building. We are located close to rail, air, and other forms of transportation so we can easily serve an international market.

Our history
  • 1948-Company formed as “Precision Engineering Company”

  • 1964-Company became a division of Beloit Corporation and was named “IMD”

  • 1971-Moved under a German company named “Passavant Corporation”

  • 1987-Long-term employee acquired the company and kept the "IMD" name

  • 1999-Next generation took over and changed the name to “Innovative Machine Corporation”

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