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Machine to manufactur fuel cell
Laser thickness gauge web machine
Precision calender machine smoothing
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State-of-the-art Design and Manufacturing of Web Converting

Machinery, including Calenders, Coaters, Laminators, and Slitters

Our experience, flexibility, innovation, and personal service distinguishes our company. This means you get a web converting machine with the state-of-the-art design and precision needed to reliably produce your product.

We design and manufacture custom calender, coating, laminating, and slitting machines used in processing paper, plastic films, and foils. Our machines are used in producing many different products in many different countries

Precision Web Converting Machine Manufacturing for Coating, Laminating, Slitting, and Calendering Productions

2.	Precision Die Coating Machine
Precision electrode production machi
Dual unwind with splice station
Hot Melt Die Coating Machine Line

The Innovative Difference

Our experience, flexibility, and personal service lead to reliable converting machines for your laboratory, pilot, and production needs.

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Calender Machines - Coating Machines - Laminating Machines - Slitting Machines

We design and manufacture standard and custom machines for many different industries.

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