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At 2017 ICE Show, We'll Be Featuring our Calender & Coating Machines

Innovative Machine is excited to return to beautiful Orlando, Florida, for ICE 2017 April 25-27 at booth 1027. This show is one of the best for web converting OEMs, and we are pleased to showcase our company and the latest in our coating and calendering designs, as well as enjoy the Florida sunshine with our professional peers and customers. We will have numerous sales engineers available to discuss current projects, potential projects, or radical concepts.

Engineering is the heart of everything we do. We are passionate about designing and building the best solution for your production line. Recent projects include a high speed lamination machine (1000m/min). That’s fast. Also, a full production precision coating line with hot-melt die coating with fully integrated beta gauges, camera inspection, and some high end controls.

One of the more interesting projects involved inventing an entirely new die coating method for a unique porous metal material. After conceptualizing the approach with our engineering team, we conducted numerous live tests in our coating lab to prove it out. The end result has been very successful. That customer is now in full production and making a high quality product to some very tight specifications.

This is what we do. Since 1958, we have worked on countless projects. The start of any project is the most critical. We listen, then dialogue and listen some more. It's important to make sure everyone is on the same page. Then it is concept time. Our engineers will assemble a concept for your process in 3D with lots of detail. Your team and our team will work hand in hand to make sure all bases are covered. Then it is time to build.

We are an OEM that builds coating lines, lamination lines, calender lines and specialty slitting lines. Custom web based production lines that incorporates multiple processes and high end controls is our passion. Stop by and see us at the show. Learn more about our custom-designed web converting machinery options.


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